Yearly Archives: 2018

Long-Tail Keyword Research

Do Your Own Long-Tail Keyword Research Achieving high rankings for the most competitive keywords is tough, especially if you’re running a small business.  While this is not a complete guide on keyword research, the following are just a couple helpful tips on long-tail keyword research. Therefore, less-competitive and more specialized keywords can make a significant

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Backlinks For Free

Just a quick, general article this week, as we get alot of questions from clients about backlinking strategies and how to get backlinks for free. Links are an important factor for webmasters and for the internet as a whole. SEO is essential if you want a successful website, and backlinks are themselves a crucial part

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SEO Ranking Factors

Curious about this years newest SEO Ranking factors? This is an exciting time for SEO experts and newbies alike. We’re getting great information on potential SEO ranking factors, real-time penalties, and learning new ways to search online. With the advent of AI (artificial intelligence) as used by Google, you may wonder whether to use new

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