Pay Per Click Advertising


If you want to increase your online traffic and increase conversation rate, our PPC (Pay Per Click) Services will help you grow your business fast.

There are over 3 billion online searches every day. These searches represent people who are looking for products and solutions to their problems. Some of these will relate to your business.

If you need results instantly, paid search ads will drive targeted traffic to your website. Organic search listings take time to cultivate within Google parameters, but PPC search ads will put you on the front page of Google instantly. Where we come in is helping to make sure that these clicks you are paying for are resulting in conversions. We will work to make sure that the cost per conversion is not higher than the value of the customer.

Our PPC Services has several parts to the process:

  1. You will have a Specialist assigned to your account to work with you directly. Your specialist will create an as campaign, working closely with you. We will first research your business and then create a strategy that will get results.
  2. We will identify Keyword opportunities for your particular business. It is extremely important that your PPC budget be spent on cost effective words that will result in increased opportunities for your business. Keywords are what your customers are typing in when they are searching for something and we will research these words and terms to select the best keywords for your campaign.
  3. We will analyze your competition. We will find out what your competitors are doing within search engines and identify strengths vs. weaknesses in their campaign, thus developing a smarter approach for you.
  4. Creating effective search engine ads is very important. We will write ads that target your keywords. We also identify which ads are performing at the highest levels so that you can be even more efficient moving forward.
  5. We will monitor your ads to identify under-performing ads in your campaign quickly. On a daily basis we will optimize your ads so that you know your advertising dollars are being spent in the most efficient way possible.
  6. We strongly believe in great reporting and communication. You will know how your ads are performing and we will prepare monthly reports for you. We will also install conversion tracking on each ad to report the amount of conversions being generated. Try doing that with radio or tv ads!

Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are the most cost-effective way to step in front of your target!

We believe in showing results for our client, which is why we highly recommend Facebook Ads over any other online advertising platform. For a small budget, you can get very targetted ads and with the right sales funnel, you can expect results on day 1!

Facebook Ads 100%
Google Adwords 80%
YouTube Ads 60%
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